Will my Earrings Close up Overnight?

Will my Earrings Close up Overnight

Ear piercing can be very painful. Depending on the kind of piercing you get, the pain can be minor to excruciating. After going through all of that, it is understandable that you don’t want your piercing to close up.

Will my ear piercing close up overnight? Truly, one night is too short for your ear piercing to close up, but that’s only if your piercing is more than six weeks old. If your piercing is less than six weeks old, all it needs is a few hours and it’ll close up. There are a few other factors that affect its closing up as well.

Ear Piercing and Closing up Time

Your ear piercing, if it’s fresh, can close up within some hours if you remove the earrings. That’s why you’re told to keep the earrings in permanently, especially within six weeks of making the hole.

Besides, it’s very inconvenient to take the earrings back and put them in again. Your ear piercings are a punctured part of your skin that will be very sensitive.

Putting back the earrings after some hours can cause wounds to develop in the pierced area, not to talk about the risk of getting it infected.

The reason why you’re given light, safe-to-wear earrings when you get a piercing is to keep you in the best comfort possible. It’s also to ensure that you’ll have no need to remove them for all the time your ears need to heal.

If at all you have to remove the piercing, it is advisable that you put them back quickly. For a fresh piercing under six weeks, you’re not advised to remove your earrings for any long period of time.

You must also keep the piercing clean to avoid infection. For all the time that the earrings stay out, ensure to clean them carefully. We will discuss further on keeping your piercing clean.

Factors that Affect Whether Your Ear Piercing will Close up

To know whether your ear piercing will close up overnight or not, here are a few things to consider.

1. The Location of the Piercing

The ear has many different locations that you can pierce. Each of them has varying degrees of difficulty in healing and pain.

You can pierce anywhere on the ear but some parts will take longer to heal. The conch orbital, for example, is the most tender and maybe more painful.

For whatever location you choose, you should know how soon it’ll take to heal there so you can know when to remove your earrings and when never to take them off.

2. The Age of the Piercing

The time you made the piercing is also something to consider. Generally, if your piercing is less than six weeks, don’t take off your earrings for any long hours. It’s better to keep them in.

3. The Healing Process

Depending on how well you take care of your piercing, you’ll heal fast enough and be able to take your earrings off overnight.

You’re better off when you keep the piercing clean and avoid fiddling with it to speed up the healing process.

How to Keep Your Ear Piercing from Closing Up

To keep your ear piercing from closing up overnight, do the following simple things.

Give the piercing six weeks before removing the earrings

We have explained this earlier. To ensure complete healing up, let six weeks pass. Then you can take your earrings and leave them out overnight without getting afraid that the piercing will close up.

Give it twelve weeks for cartilage piercing

If you got a cartilage piercing, you’d have to be extra patient as these take longer. Cartilage piercings are more delicate and you must be cautious to avoid infection.

Give it twelve weeks before removing your earrings, otherwise, they may close up.

Don’t remove the earrings for too long

Even after the six weeks for normal piercing and twelve weeks for cartilage piercing, still, avoid taking earrings away from your ears for several hours or days.

How to Keep Your Ear Piercing Clean

Keeping your piercing clean will help you heal up fast. You’d be able to take out your earrings faster that way. Whether it’s a regular piercing or cartilage, you can:

Use light earrings: When you have just got new piercings, ensure that you use light earrings only. Studs come in handy here. Use light studs that fit your ear snugly without being painful.

Follow cleaning procedures: The cleaning procedures for ear piercing are as follows:

  • Keep the piercing clean and dry: You can achieve this by drying it up completely and keeping water away to prevent a microbial invasion of your ear.
  • Wash your hands before touching your ears: Always ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before touching your ears to prevent the transfer of infection to the piercing.
  • Clean your ear and earrings using antibacterial lotion: It’s incredibly useful to clean your ear three to five times daily. Clean under and around the earrings.
  • Rotate your earrings to keep them from sticking to your ear: If you let your earrings stick to your piercing, it’ll cause a lot of pain and put you at risk of infection. Rotate them constantly to prevent this.
  • Reach your doctor in case there’s a problem: Finally, should a problem occur, reach out to your doctor. Don’t try to treat yourself and make things get worse.

When Can I Sleep Without My Earrings?

You can sleep without your earrings as soon as it’s six weeks after your piercing date. The six weeks is the initial healing time and it usually takes three months to achieve complete healing.

What Should I do if my Piercing Close up Overnight

If your piercing closes up overnight, you may have a bit of a problem. But don’t despair. The easiest thing is to make sure it doesn’t close up but if it does, you must determine if it’s a temporary or permanent closure.

If it’s temporary, you can try to put an earring in to open up the hole again. It may be a little painful, ensure you don’t go further if it’s too painful

If it’s a permanent closing, you can first try to open it. But first, disinfect the ear with cotton material and then massage the area using oil.

Try pulling the area apart or insert the earrings. Again, make sure you don’t go too hard so you don’t injure yourself. If it doesn’t work, seek professional help

Final thoughts

After all of the stress you go through getting an ear piercing, it’s really useless when they close up.

Following all the above tips will help you prevent your ear piercing from closing, overnight, or any other time. Keep those ears intact and get ready to rock some bigger and trendier earrings when you heal.


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