What Kind of Jewelry to Wear to a Casual Wedding as a Guest

What Kind of Jewelry to Wear to a Casual Wedding as a GuestSomeone you know is about to tie the knot, they have invited you to witness their great day as one of their wedding guests and now you want to make sure that you comply with the theme of their wedding by wearing the right kinds of jewelry.

You’re welcome to the ultimate guide that shows you how to choose the kind of jewelry to wear to a casual wedding as a guest.

Understanding what kind of event the bride and groom want is essential to choosing your attire and especially, your jewelry. This is because the right kinds of jewelry for formal weddings are not the same for casual weddings or even evening weddings.

From color to style and size, these things all vary from one event to another. But there’s no more need for confusion. Read on to understand how to choose the jewelry for this upcoming casual wedding.

Best Jewelry for a Casual Wedding

If the couple stressed a casual event in the invite, it’s always better to make sure that everything including clothes, shoes, makeup, hair, and jewelry all match beautifully well with the occasion.

It simply means that with them, there is such a thing as overdressing for their wedding and that is what you must avoid.┬áIn this article, we have not just explained how to choose your jewelry, we have included suggestions of what and what you can wear to the wedding party. So let’s get into the guide.

1. In Size, Think Moderation

The couple must have a reason why they have decided to stick with a casual wedding idea. Maybe they just don’t want something too formal, or maybe they consider a casual wedding less expensive to pay for. Whatever it is, you must stick with their wishes of moderation.

When choosing the jewelry as a guest of a casual wedding, be deliberately modest and go for simple types. Handwoven jewelry and small-sized jewelry are wonderful choices, just make sure that they do not appear bogus at all. Casual means casual, don’t overdo it.

2. In Sleekness, Think Simple and Classic

Even though the invite stated casual, you are not permitted to be shabby. It is important that when you are choosing your jewelry as a guest of a casual wedding, you go simple yet classic. No one says you should not look good. You can still roll up your hair in your favorite style and put on a pair of beautiful earrings just the way you like it.

You are not to go looking all cheap and careless. So, make sure to remember all of that and choose simple, nice jewelry for your outing.

3. In theme, Consider the Bride

Your jewelry to a casual wedding reception should promptly put the bride in consideration. It is always better to avoid anything that is mostly white, cream or ivory because those are the bride’s colors.

You are one of the guests at this wedding, not the bride. Don’t match the bride in dressing as that will amount to stealing the spotlight.

If you’re truly concerned about honoring the casual theme of your friends’ big day, then don’t wear any jewelry that draws so much attention to you. This is also a way of respecting the bride.

4. In Symmetry, Match up Your Jewelry

When choosing your jewelry, you will have to inevitably consider your intended hairdo, dress’ neckline and reception time.

If you will be letting your hair fall down on your shoulders, small studs or earrings that drop gently are an excellent choice. The keyword here is “small”. These are also excellent if your hair will be covering your ear for the most part of the time. And you can select Chandelier danglers for when you will be doing your hair up.

Consider Your Neckline

The neckline of your dress is also something to consider when choosing your jewelry. If you’d be wearing a dress with a boat neck, it is only smart to go for simple pearl necklaces that you’re comfortable in. In the case of a hutler kind of dress, small and short pendants go just fine.

If your chosen dress for this casual wedding has asymmetric necklines, then go with the flow and use jewelry that asymmetric in design. Makes sense, right?

If you’re wearing an off-shoulder dress which is great for a casual wedding, by the way, you will want to first consider chokers. They are great on off-shoulder dresses. Otherwise, you can also wear statement pieces or other types of short necklaces for your neck.

Earrings should be matching although be careful if your dress has beads on them, that you do not overly match your jewelry with the exact type of beads on your dress. That could be a little stuffy.

Consider the Time of the Day for Colors

The time of the day that the casual wedding will be holding is also important because then you will want to consider color.

A casual wedding that is fixed for the evening time will be best attended in warm colors such as light blue. Daytime casual weddings will permit you to wear something brighter and bolder, such as yellow. So that will affect what kind of color you have in your jewelry.

The key at the end is to wear the jewelry just right. So if you’re wearing a certain color of the dress, match it up with appropriate jewelry that will help you enjoy the party without feeling either overdressed or bland.

Jewelry Suggestions for a Casual Wedding

The following are excellent choices of jewelry to wear to your next casual wedding:

Pearl studs: With or without diamonds, pearl studs have been one of the best choices when picking out jewelry as a casual wedding guest. They are small and simple, yet we all know they are neither cheap nor ordinary.

Matching earrings with monogram necklace: Pick out a sweet necklace whose monogramming means something special to you, and add a pair of matching earrings. These do great for you as a guest, give you away as simple, confident and classy too.

Necklace with gold pendant: Ah, one of the most expensive choices available, but make sure to not use too large pendants, we want to keep it simple, remember.

Simple coral jewelry: If the wedding is going to be holding at the seaside, it’s a great idea to use simple coral jewelry or seashell pendant. In all, make sure to keep with the casual theme.

Wear the Right Bracelets to a Casual Wedding

The choice of bracelets is also important when choosing your jewelry. You can choose to wear cuff bracelets, chain bracelets, tennis bracelets, gold plated bracelets, and bangle bracelets with thin and beautiful edges, beaded bracelets or if you want to add some extra class, wear a gemstone bracelet.

Any of these will be great for your wedding outing, remember to choose the right color that matches the rest of your jewelry.

More Etiquette When Choosing Your Jewelry as a Casual Wedding Guest

No dramatic jewelry: As a guest at a casual wedding, you are not expected to come in jewelry considered weird, such as ones with a dangerous-looking pendant or unfriendly theme. Also, something bogus or attention-drawing is not appropriate for a casual wedding.

Assume business casual: The invite stated casual, but that does not give you the liberty to show up in jeans and an uncatered-to appearance. It’s always safe to assume business casual and to choose dresses and jewelry that fit in that theme.

Small jewelry is the best: On this occasion, the smaller your jewelry, and the better.

It’s better to replace the watch: This is not a rule of thumb, but it’s better to replace the watch with a good looking bracelet for women and this type if you’re a man. This suggests to your hosts that you’re there to enjoy yourself and celebrate with them and that you will not be in a hurry to leave them.

Let the bride wear the diamonds: It is tempting to want to show off your diamonds as a wedding guest, but if we’re still discussing the casual wedding, let the bride wear the diamonds. You can always use your beautiful pearls instead.

Remember, no white or ivory: As earlier stated, white or ivory is for the bride on her big day. Let it be hers to rock.

Avoid low-quality jewelry: Your jewelry says a lot about you at a wedding and at any other event. So, don’t go in low-quality jewelry and end up giving the wrong impression about yourself. No impression is better than a wrong impression. You don’t want to steal the show but then you also don’t want to ruin your look.

Be comfortable: This goes without saying. Since the couple said casual, then, by all means, be casual. And that means to be comfortable. Avoid jewelry that makes you itch or any type that you do not feel comfortable with.

Final Take Home

The right jewelry is the icing on the cake for your chosen attire and with jewelry, you can’t go wrong, but that depends on if you select the right jewelry for the right occasion. As a wedding guest, it is only right that you respect the wishes of the bride and groom.

You’d be doing them a lot of good by making it all about them and not you. Celebrate your friends that are tying the knot, thoroughly enjoy yourself too, but remember, make it all about them.

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