What Kind of Jewelry Do Brides Wear with Wedding Dress

What Kind of Jewelry Do Brides Wear with Wedding Dress

The big question has been answered, and you are looking forward to a big future with your man. But to get there, you have a big day. Weddings are the stuff of dreams, often childhood ones that the brides-to-be have had fantasies and devoted a lot of time to. But now the fantasy is about to become a reality, and you are preparing for your wedding.

You’ve gotten your wedding dress and everything that goes with it. Except your jewelry. But don’t worry, because you’ve come to the right place to find out about what kind of jewelry you should wear with your wedding dress, and with our expert advice, choosing your wedding jewelry will be really easy.

How to Choose Your Best Wedding Jewelry

In choosing your wedding jewelry, there are few things to take into consideration.

1) Ensure that your jewelry choice accentuates the beauty and charm of your wedding dress, not overpower it. Your wedding jewelry is an accessory, and your dress is the main deal.

Remember all the ‘wedding dress dramas’ and the numerous trips to the tailor (if you had your sewn) or the store trips (if you bought yours).

The drama was all to get you the best dress for the day, so you don’t want a necklace or an earring to distract from your stunning wedding dress.

2) Your wedding jewelry should be something that you would be comfortable wearing. There is absolutely no point in wearing a piece/pieces of jewelry that you’d feel ill at ease in, especially when you consider the wedding nerves that most brides have about/on heir big day. So, you definitely don’t want any other source of nerves asides that.

It’s your big day, but you’re also still you, and your jewelry should be picked with that in mind.

3) Make sure your jewelry and your skin tone are a good fit. This is to ensure that you don’t look shabby on your wedding day because you’re donning a piece of jewelry that looks like it belongs on another person’s skin.

4) When purchasing your jewelry, ensure that you don’t just pick jewelry for that day alone, you’re also looking forward. This is what would enable you to keep using the jewelry, even after the wedding day.

Of course, if your wish is to have your jewelry stored after your wedding day, then you can also do that, and it’s absolutely fine to do so. But if you will keep using it after that day, then it’s smarter to get jewelry pieces that are timeless and classic to help you maximize your budget and keeps your jewelry box bulging.

5) Lastly, gauge and decide how much jewelry you want to use for your big day. There are myriad options available to you, both the conventional -rings, necklaces, earrings, wrist-watches, and the unconventional -anklets, nose rings and toe rings. So you have to decide what and what you want to wear, and what and what you don’t want to wear.

The goal is to ensure that you don’t wear too much, such that it would distract from your overall look, and that you also don’t wear too little, so you don’t appear bland.

What Jewelry Should I wear with my wedding Dress

We’ve talked about the things you should take note of as you’re picking your jewelry. Now let’s talk about the jewelry to pick. Note that your choice of jewelry has a lot to do with the neckline of your wedding dress, which is why we advised earlier that as you pick your wedding jewelry, be sure that it accentuates the glamour and/or simplicity of your dress, not overpower, or God forbid, downplay it.

Balance, in this case, is a key to the integration of wedding dress, shoes, veil, hairstyle, jewelry and other accessories that would make you dazzle on your wedding day, as you should.

As earlier stated, the neckline of your wedding dress is perhaps the single most important factor in what kind of jewelry to choose for your wedding, and with that in mind, we will be discussing the different types of necklines and the most appropriate type of jewelry to go along with them.

Appropriate here refers to a combination of dress and jewelry that would make you sparkle. Before we get into discussing necklines and their attendant jewelry choices, brides, please note that apart from the neckline of your wedding dress, pay attention to the material of your wedding dress and the level of detail of any extra adornment it carries.

Now, let’s get into the necklines.

Here are the lists of necklines we will be discussing.

  1. Strapless
  2. High neck
  3. One shoulder
  4. Boat neck
  5. Scoop neck
  6. Off the shoulder
  7. V-neck
  8. Sweetheart

1) Strapless

If this neckline is your choice, then your options of earrings are a long diamond (or any other stone you want. Ruby, topaz, etc) earring or a bold, statement earring. As far as necklaces go, a choker will do excellently. Another choice would be a collar length necklace.

A statement earring will draw the eyes of viewers to your face and your choker is a bold choice to fill the gap between your neckline and your face. The combination of these is also suitably dramatic, integrates well with your strapless neckline and most importantly, does not compete with the overall flow of your wedding dress.

All these gives your look a symmetry that leaves you with a simple elegance that many crave but few pull off.

2) High neck

There’s a lot going on already with this neckline, so adding a necklace to that may serve to detract from your overall look by making everything look a bit crowded, and as such is not advisable. Rather, picking the right kind of earring is crucial for this neckline.

As stud or a drop earring is more advisable here and is best if one is to keep in line with the simple theme. Pulling back the hair accentuates this neckline too.

3) One shoulder

There is a sort of imbalance with this neckline, so it is crucial to make jewelry choices simple and not add any confusion to the calculated imbalance. As such, a necklace may end up being an entanglement and is not advisable.

Also, the one-shoulder neckline will be the focal point of your wedding dress and wearing a necklace may distract from that. Instead, a simple earring will do. This highlights the beauty of the strap, especially if the strap has other decorations on it.

If you don’t want to go for a simple earring, then you can also go for a drop earring or a post earring that will toe the line of not distracting from your wedding dress’s detail.

4) Boat Neck

For the daring brides who go for a wedding dress with this neckline, accessorizing it is a crucial part of making the neckline work. The boat neck, also called the bateau, draws attention to the bride’s face a lot, so in keeping with that attention, a small necklace with a single pendant is advised. The pendant may be a diamond, or a ruby, anything actually.

For the earring choice, studs with a dash of color are an excellent choice.

5) Scoop Neck

For this neckline, a choice of either a choker with its attendant earrings or drop earrings with no necklace is advised. For the choice of a choker with its matching studs, its more about how the harmony of the accessories balances out your look, especially if you’re worried about finding a necklace with a length that fits with your scoop neck gown.

For the choice of the drop earrings, its the best option if you aren’t interested in donning a necklace. It gives the bride a clean, dashing look accentuated with the touch of elegance that the earring provides.

6) Off the shoulder

This features quite a stretch of space between the neckline and your face. Leaving that space unoccupied will be bad for your look, so we suggest one of three things; a choker with studs, a sparkly drop earring that makes a statement and has a lot of movement or the traditional option for weddings, pearls.

For the choker, it is advisable it is something that glints or dazzles for maximum effect on the viewers. Coupled with the bride’s smile, her groom may decide he wants to hurry up the pace and get married a lot quicker. The matching studs should also be sparkly, having the effect of the bride wearing winking stars in her ears.

For the drop earrings, a statement earring that dazzles and moves a lot adds some sparkly drama and draws attention to the face of the bride, especially her smile. There is also something to be said for the confidence it gives the bride, knowing that she’s dazzling not just her guests, but her groom.

For the pearls, they are a classic choice of accessories and will add to the innate romance of the bride’s look.

7) V-neck

For this neckline, a necklace with a pendant and simple earrings are advisable. The size of the pendant should be dictated by the size of the V; a large pendant for a large V and a narrow pendant for smaller ones.

8) Sweetness

For this option of a neckline, the best choice will be a pendant with a drop, as this will pair very well with the neckline.

These are the best types of jewelries to choose with your desired necklines. Your hairstyles are also important, so ensure that they match with the overall look you want to achieve on your big wedding day.

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