How to Wear Jewelry to Complement Your Look

How to Wear Jewelry to Complement Your Look

Complimenting the look is the point of jewelry, so by all means, wear them right. If you have been concerned about picking out the wrong kinds of jewelry, fret no more, you’re in the right place.

Let’s face it, jewelry shopping is hard. Not just because you’re bothered about the durability and ease of maintenance of the one your heart goes for, but because you’re genuinely asking the question: Will this jewelry compliment my look?

Whether you are the shy person or the boss lady at work, or you’re looking for jewelry that fits your eccentricity, this article will fully inform you on how to wear jewelry that compliments your look.

Match Accessories to Fit Your Look

The question of matching your jewelry to fit your look depends on three things:-

  1. The occasion,
  2. Your chosen dress;
  3. How you want to be perceived.

Let’s see them in detail so that everyone will compliment your look and says that you have worn very good jewelry.

1. The occasion

The bedrock of every digging into the wardrobe, shoe rack, and jewelry box is the fact that there’s an occasion. Or do you know anyone who wears full kit jewelry for laundry or mowing the lawn? Bet your answer is no.

Usually, it’s all about the fact that you have to go out somewhere, and in public, jewelry doesn’t just make you feel good, they make you look great. Whether you’re going to work or visiting a friend or going on a date, there is no wrong time to put on your jewelry to fit your look, only that you must do it right.

So, as far as the occasion is concerned, there is the right kind of jewelry and a not too right type.

i) Formal Event: Are we talking about a friend’s wedding, a book launch, a gala, workplace dinner or college graduation? Then you want to be as elegant as possible while still being prim and curt. So go with short pendants, a pair of nice short dropping earrings and chain bracelet. Yeah, those will do great.

ii) Your Workplace: When choosing jewelry for your workplace, it’s important to keep the office’s dress code in mind. Most of the time, studs are preferred for earrings and wristwatches are better used in place of bracelets. Your neckpiece should be a very simple one too, preferably a short pendant.

Metal jewelry is also a good choice here, and basically anything nice that does not distract your boss when they’re trying to hear your view at the board meeting. You know how it is.

iii) Casual Occasion: The best pieces of jewelry for casual occasions are the ones you’re most comfortable in. A date, a visit, road trip, tea, church, and so on should be attended with lovely pearl earrings and necklaces.

Yes, you can and should use your bracelet here, this is the point where you lose the wristwatch. Gold rings, comfortable chokers, and pendants are sweet to wear here.

iv) Your Big Day: If the occasion we’re talking about is your big day which we all know as a wedding, then, by all means, show off. You can gold it away, or use diamonds or silver or mix! You have no boundaries.

Although there’s also a way to go about choosing jewelry for your wedding, note that you are free to be the most beautiful version of yourself, and if a statement piece is what you want, even if your boss is coming for it, wear your thing proudly and match with earnings even.

2. Your Chosen Dress

The dress you have chosen to wear, based on the occasion is going to have a big say in what kind of jewelry you choose.

If your dress is long-sleeved, lose the bracelet as it would be meaningless wearing it anyway. Sleeveless dresses do best with chokers or long pendants matched with studs or earrings. For any type of dress that you have chosen, it is time to consider something very important: the neckline.

The shape of the neckline you’re wearing will have to be matched with your jewelry in this way: For V-neck, go for large or narrow pendants depending on the size of the V. For U-shape, use station or pendant. Chokers have always been excellent for off-shoulder dresses as studs have been for a high neck, drops are also a great choice film high neck.

One-shoulder dresses do well with long necklaces that have double looks, bib necklaces for crew neck and short statement piece for scoop neck. If your neckline is asymmetric, then without flinching, put on long strands. Use statement pieces for turtle necks and angular pendants with a square neck. There you go.

3. How you want to be perceived

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why you’re looking up the question of coordinating jewelry with your outfit and look.

How do you want to be perceived? You decide. If at the upcoming office dinner you want to be perceived as expensive, then go for some golden piece that will make everyone stop when they turn around to say hi. Can you wear diamonds? Even better. That perception you want to give off will definitely spread far and wide. On another hand, if you want to appear conservative and modest, then you’d love a pair of studs.

Your pendants will be short and if you use bracelets, you’d prefer a simple cuff bracelet. To be seen as the life of the party, you should choose some sweet danglers that reach all the way down, and depending on your neckline, you can aim for a statement piece.

Big round earrings like this one are great at making you look bold and fearless, and monogram necklaces give you off as one who pays attention to detail and likes to keep memories, also give you away as “unapologetically in love with myself”.

You get it, right?

Final Word on How to Dress with Accessories

Breathe in and out. Yes, that’s right. Now, go on and use all of those things we have explained up there to your own advantage. Look good, rock your jewelry and all the way, don’t lose exactly how you want people to perceive you. See, it’s all about you. Enjoy.

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