Do Nose Piercings Look Good on Big Noses?

Do Nose Piercings Look Good on Big Noses

Want to get a piercing but worried about how it would look on your big nose? Like ear piercings, nose piercings also come with concerns. You have come to the right place to get your answers.

Do Nose Piercings Look Good on Big Noses? Yes, definitely. They do. Nose piercings look good on just about any kind of nose. You just have to find out what style will suit you best and opt for that.

What Works Best for Big Noses?

Sometimes, your nose is not really big. You may just have an intense self-consciousness about it. But if you have ascertained that it’s actually big, then for getting a nose piercing, you just have to do what works.

Rest assured, nose piercing looks good on big noses. In fact, whether your nose is big, small, pointed, or flat, it’ll be just fine. Arm yourself with a lot of information and go for what you want.

Try minimalist nose rings. When you get your piercing, minimalist nose rings work great on big noses. Go for studs with a tiny gem or stone. It’s a good complement to your nose.

Note also that it will be more painful to pierce a big nose because there’ll be more flesh to work through. It will also take longer to heal than a small nose.

Check out the different types of nose piercing and see which one will work best for you before making a final decision. Let’s go on to that.

Types of Nose Piercing that Look Good on Big Noses

1. Regular Nostril Piercing

The regular nostril piercing is the most common type. Many people prefer it as it’s easy to do and less painful than the rest.

A piercing will be made on the side of your nostril to achieve this. It’s also a versatile piercing type for jewelry. You can use a wide variety of nose rings on this kind of piercing.

2. High Nostril Piercing

High nostril piercing is done a little bit higher up the nose. This piercing type must be done with caution and only by an expert. The area to be pierced is a very delicate one.

If this is the type you want to get, avoid shady services. Reach out to a trusted professional to handle it for you. This kind of piercing has the potential to shift attention from your big nose to your eyes.

3. Bridge or Nasallang Piercing

The bridge piercing is very unique. not many people go for it because it’s such a daring act!

The flesh above the nasal cavity is raised, pierced, and made ready for jewelry. Well, it also has the potential to make your face look bigger, so you may not want to get it.

4. Septril Piercing

Getting a septril piercing can be a rather painful encounter. It involves making a piercing that falls in between the septum type and the vertical half-tip type.

The piercing looks good on big noses once you can get past the pain. You can put in studs and plugs in the piercing.

5. Vertical tip Piercing

This piercing also has the potential to help divert attention from your nose to your lips. The piercing goes between the flesh at the tip of your nostrils.

6. Double Nostril Piercing

For this one, you’ll go through something called a bridge transfixing to get your nose pierced. You can make it a double or triple piercing. The choice is yours.

It can be extremely delicate though, so ensure that you consult an expert when you want to get it done.

7. Austine Bar

This piercing is very similar to the bridge piercing. The difference is that the piercing doesn’t pass through the septum. It heals quite fast and isn’t as high risk as some other ones.

8. Septum piercing

For the septum piercing, the hole will be made in the flesh between your nostrils. It’s a trendy and unique type of piercing that brings a new dimension to your face.

Nose Rings for Big and Small Noses

There are different kinds of nose rings that will make your piercing worth the while. For big noses, you can check these out.

1. Nose Studs

Nose studs are popular and absolutely convenient. They fit snugly around your nose and are very versatile as you can use them on different items of clothing. They’re easy to remove, and with them, you can wear a gem or rock.

2. Retainers

These are on our list because they are made with natural materials that won’t irritate your ears one bit. They help to keep your piercing healthy for the time that you wait for them to heal up.

3. Hoops

These are simple jewelry. Their flat discs rest easily on the back of your nostril without irritating you. They’re simple, easy to wear and remove. They also fit securely in your nostril.

4. Magnetic Studs

Magnetic studs can be used to test run nose piercings before you make the piercing. You can also wear them as normal nose jewelry without making any hole in your nose at all. They come in pieces of crafted magnets.

5. Septum Clickers

Septum clicker, just like magnetic studs, these can be used to test if you’ll be comfortable with your piercing. They don’t require any piercing to wear them, you would just have to click them close.

How to Choose the Right Type of Piercing for Your Nose

To choose the best type of piercing for your nose, you can put a few things into consideration.

  • Consider your reason: Your reason for getting the piercing is the first thing to consider. Do you want to look trendy? That should make you think about getting a septum piercing or a regular one. If it’s about fitting into a group or sect, then get the ones that fit too.
  • Ask around from friends: You can ask friends what they think about your nose piercing before you get them. You’ll be able to harvest valuable opinions by asking questions.
  • Test run with clickers: You can also test run using clickers and magnetic studs. You’ll be able to check how they look and feel beforehand.
  • Consider whether you’ll be getting other facial piercing: If you’ll be getting other kinds of facial piercing, put that into consideration. You may want to shift the position of your nose piercing because of that.

Do Nose Piercings Look Good on Everyone?

Yes, they do. Whether you have a small, big, or round face, the kind of piercing you get will determine how you’ll eventually look. Make sure you go for what you want without feeling inhibited. As long as you’re confident, your piercing will look good.

Will a Nose Piercing Make My Nose Look Smaller?

Nose piercings don’t affect the size of your nose. Some of them are able to distract people from focusing on your nose, but they don’t affect the size. Nose piercings will make you look better and complement your beauty. Just get the perfect one for you.

Final Wrap

Getting a nose piercing is a daring step to take. If you really want it, go for it, even if you have a big nose.

With the so many different types of piercing available, you’re spoilt for choice. If you’re still not sure after all is said, remember, you can test run using septum clickers or magnetic studs. Cheers to you!

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