How to Layer Necklaces without Tangling

How to Layer Necklaces without Tangling

What’s better than wearing one awesome necklace? Wearing multiple awesome necklaces. It’s easy to see why layering necklaces are a fashion rave now. Asides from the sharp departure from the use of a single necklace, layering your necklaces gives you a different look, depending on what look you want to achieve.

For example, if you want to look somewhat aloof and detached, you could layer a choker and a link chain, or you could layer a necklace that features a pearl with a thin, dainty choker if you are trying to look elegant with a hint of steel.

In spite of this, trying to layer your necklaces if you don’t know how can be THE absolute fashion frustration. At the very least, you would end up with a clash of styles. But that is more merciful than ending up with seriously tangled necklaces.

An attempt to unknot a  particularly bad tangle can lead to damaging your necklaces severely. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered. As you read on, we would be discussing the best practices to use when layering your necklaces. Our aims in doing this are as follows;

1) We want to help you achieve a classic look through the accessorizing of your outfits with the fashionable and proper layering of your necklaces.

2) We want to make sure you don’t have to worry about getting tour necklaces tangled when you layer them.

How to Avoid Tangling with Multiple Necklaces

We have enumerated seven tips to note when layering your necklaces. They are what we believe are necessary for you to know so you can readily achieve the exact look you set out to achieve when layering your necklaces.

  1. Vary the weights of your necklaces
  2. Use the length of the necklaces to your layering advantage
  3. Utilize diversity in styles that would keep your necklaces from layering
  4. Take into account the neckline of your top
  5. Use a necklace detangler
  6. Use a bar necklace to bridge the gap between the other layers
  7. Layering order is key to avoiding tangles

Let’s get right into it.

1) Vary the weights of your necklaces

When layering your necklaces, it is sound advice for you to work with differing necklace weights. It allows each necklace to rest in its place instead of moving around, which is the perfect recipe for tangling. To achieve this, you can use a pearl or a pendant to weigh the necklace down.

If you want, you could also use a medallion, though that seems a bit extreme. But if that’s what you want to wear, by all means, go for it.

The aim of it all is to ensure that the necklaces you layered stay in their place without any sort of tangling.

2) Use the length of the Necklaces to your layering advantage

Necklaces come in varying lengths, and that’s a perfect opportunity to explore what length works for you, especially as you intend to layer your necklaces. But even if your necklaces are of similar length, there’s nothing to worry about. All you need to do is get yourself a necklace extender and use it to elongate your necklaces.

Wearing your layered necklaces in different lengths not only saves you from tangles but makes the arrangement of the necklaces look uncluttered, helping you achieve the look you set out to achieve.

3) Utilize diversity in styles that would help you keep your necklaces from layering

The point of layering necklaces is to wear more than one necklace at a time, right? Good. There is then no need to kill the fun by wearing two or more necklaces that have the same style. That reeks of symmetry and uniformity, which is bad for the kind of statement look you want.

Instead, embrace the fun in a layering of necklaces and adorn your neckline with two or more chains that have distinct styles. This will drastically reduce the chances that your necklaces will tangle.

4) Take into account the neckline of your top

Every artist has a canvas, right? Good. It’s the same here, and it would help if you thought of the neckline of your top as your canvas, and yourself as an artist. Layering your necklaces should be done with your neckline in mind, so they complement each other, not compete against one another.

For instance, if you’re wearing a high neckline, then a choker may not be the best option. Instead, you could go for long necklaces, probably adding a bar necklace into the mix.

If you’re wearing a V neck, then your necklace choices should complement the V of your top, especially if you’re layering them. A choker, a bar necklace and a thin chain with a low hanging pendant will do nicely.

5) Use a Necklace Detangler

Try to use a Necklace Detangler because this is a very easy way to ensure that your necklaces don’t tangle. All you have to do is get the accessory, attach the hooks of your necklaces to its hooks and you have tangle-free necklaces.

They are easy to get too and are not hard to maintain. With a necklace detangler, you can’t wear necklaces with the same lengths, which is just as we’ve pointed out earlier.

6) Use a Bar Necklace to bridge the gap between the other layers

Bar necklaces are timeless necklaces, with a variety of styles and uses, not least as part of a trio of layered necklaces. Used like this, they are best used in the middle between a high necklace (such as a choker) and a low hanging necklace or a longer necklace with a low hanging pendant, as they give off the idea that they bridge the gap between the other two necklaces.

7) Layering order is key to avoiding tangles

Layering is a kind of fashion madness, but it’s a madness that has a method. The order in which the necklaces are worn is this method. Generally, people think the shortest chains should go first, but this is not always the case.

Rather, its that the thinnest chains should go on your neck first because they are the ones most likely to get into tangles as a result of their weight. If you’ll be putting the shortest chain first, then let it be a fairly thick chain.

The layering of necklaces can be a serious issue if you don’t know how to do it, not to mention a frustrating one, especially as the chains seem to gleefully tangle and cause one major headache. But with the tips we’ve given you, rest assured you won’t have to deal with tangles again. Cheers to tangle-free layering from here on.

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