How to Keep Your Nose Ring from Falling out at Night

How to Keep Your Nose Ring from Falling out at Night

Do you keep losing your nose ring in your sleep? After going through the trouble of getting a nose piercing, it can be very frustrating to keep losing your nose ring. It’s even more painful when the piercing has not yet healed.

How can you keep your nose ring from falling out at night? The simple solution would be to always remove it before bed if it’s a healed piercing. If your piercing is new and still healing, then you can keep it from falling out by using a gauge the size of your piercing.

Why Does My Nose Ring Keep Falling Out at Night?

To understand how to prevent your nose ring from falling out when you sleep, let’s examine the reason why it happens in the first place.

Your nose ring may be falling out because:-

1. The Ring Bends and Twists When You Sleep

The ring may come loose and bend when you are asleep. Due to the fact that you sleep on the same side that you got your piercing, you may cause the ring to twist and come off. This is a common reason why nose rings keep falling out at night.

2. You’re using a gauge that is smaller than your piercing

Sometimes the gauge that you are using is smaller in size to your piercing. This makes its fitting to be loose. It’s easier this way to have it come loose when you lie down. Before morning, you may not have any idea where your nose ring has gone.

3. You Move a Lot When You Sleep

If you move a lot in your sleep, you will also lose your nose ring easily. You can get it entangled with the sheets quite easily that way.

Is this the same with nose studs?

Nose rings are a troublesome lot. They give a lot of issues, especially to new piercings. But you have to find a way to keep them inside.

For new piercing, having your nose ring remove again and again may be dangerous. It could cause serious complications when you have to go to the piercer for a new hole every now and then. It’s why you must find a way to keep the nose ring in place.

For nose studs, they also come off, often because of the same above reasons. If the hole that is pierced is too big, it can also be difficult to keep your nose stud in.

What to do When Your Nose Ring Falls Off

If your nose ring falls off from your nose piercing, there are a few things you must note when trying to put it back on.

This focuses especially on the piercing that is still in the healing stage, that is, less than six weeks old.

When you wake up and find that your nose ring has fallen out, ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly. You can use an antibacterial solution to disinfect your hands. Don’t touch your nose without first doing this.

Use some saline solution and a cotton swab to clean your nose piercing gently. Ensure that the cleaning is thorough, but be gentle.

Check the nose ring for dirt and scratches. If at all you notice any scratch on the nose ring, don’t use them again. Just wrap them up and toss them in the bin.

If the nose rings are still intact, then sterilize them by soaking in an antibacterial solution. Clean out the surface thoroughly.

Place the nose rings back in your nose with caution. In case they’ve been out for too long and the piercing has closed up, don’t try to force the nose ring in. It’s better to consult an expert at this point to avoid complications.

When you notice that your nose ring has fallen off by the time you’re waking up, try to follow these procedures on time to prevent the closing of the piercing.

How to Keep Your Nose Ring from Falling out

You can do the following things to keep your nose ring from falling out at night.

  1. Take the nose ring out before you sleep. Except it’s a piercing that’s still healing up, you may want to avoid sleeping with it.
  2. Cover the nose ring with hypoallergenic tape. Using the tape can help prevent them from falling out.
  3. Sleep on your back. Instead of sleeping on your side and risking the nose ring falling off, sleep on your back. We understand that this can be difficult if you’re not used to sleeping on your back normally, but it can be worth it.
  4. Use a nose stud with a hook. Ensuring that your nose stud has a hook will save you some stress by keeping your nose ring in.
  5. Don’t sleep on the same side as the piercing. If you can’t sleep on your back, you could sleep on the other side of your piercing. This will also prevent dislodging in your nose.
  6. Use labret studs. They are popular for staying in.
  7. Wear a gauge of the size of your piercing. That will keep your nose ring or stud in safely.

Can I Put My Nose Ring Back When it Falls Out?

Yes, you can. Ensure that you take precautions to avoid infection to the piercing. If the piercing is just healing up, be extra careful. In case the piercing has started to close up, don’t force the nose ring in. Consult an expert to sort things.

What Kinds of Nose Rings Stay in the Best?

L-shaped nose studs have been found to stay in. You can go for those to prevent the constant falling out at night. Labret studs are another nose ring jewelry that you can use. They’re easy to wear, long and comfortable.

Can I Change My Nose Stud after Two Weeks?

No. Two weeks is too early to attempt to change your nose stud. You’re better off waiting for six weeks at the very least before changing them.

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Conclusion & Final Words

After piercing your nose, even if you do it at the best shop in the world, complications may arise if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

One of those precautions is to make sure your nose ring does not keep falling out. Inserting again may be painful and difficult, and you don’t want to go through all that. Ensure that you do your best to keep them in.

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