What Jewelry to Wear with a Black Lace Dress

Jewelry to Wear with a Black Lace Dress

There’s something about a black lace dress that makes it special, and as well makes the person wearing it look special. Maybe it has to do with the touch of mystery and “black”, or it is the fact that it sticks so well with the skin that makes it so desirable to wear for any occasion, what is plainly true is that black is in itself elegant and classic.

What jewelry should you wear with a black lace dress? The kind of jewelry that best fit a black lace dress are chosen based on many factors including the occasion, the design of the dress and the black color but generally, a black lace dress is matched nicely with shiny, simple or even colorful jewelry, including silver, diamonds, and pearls.

Since you are trying to find more details on what jewelry to wear with your black lace dress, you have come to the right place where we will give you a full guide on how to go about it.

What Jewelry Goes With a Black Dress?

A black dress, either it is designed with lace or not, is incomplete until the right jewelry has been added.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and others are pieces of jewelry that go very well with a black dress, but just how do you choose which is best for you? Let’s see a few tips that will help you choose the best jewelry for your black lace dress.

1) Use Statement Pieces

There is no better time to rock that statement piece you have been keeping than now when you are looking for what jewelry to use with your black dress. Diamonds are also your friends at this particular point, and you can also use gems and pearls that give you off as expensive.

A statement piece will stand out and at the same time blend with your black dress to give you a bold and expensive look that will dazzle your date or anyone at the occasion you are attending.

2) Go Minimalist

The delicateness associated with minimalist earrings coupled with the thin sweet look of lace in the upper part of your dress will both combine with the beauty of the color black to confer you with an aura of true, fragile and chic. You can choose any minimalist jewelry to go with your black dress and you will not go wrong.

3) Wear Colorful Jewelry

You can layer different colors of necklaces and bangles to achieve a colorful look. Since you are already wearing black which is a plain color, you can choose jewelry that has complementary colors to match your black dress.

4) Use Silver Rather than Gold

Not that gold is not great for black laced dresses, but if you want to look even better, silver accessories will help you achieve that without breaking a sweat.

5) Consider the Event

The event you are attending is also an important point when choosing your jewelry. Generally, black lace dresses are assumed to be for evening outings but they can actually fit any occasion. With the type of event, you will be able to decide what jewelry is too much or too little and if you want to wear some gems rather than another.

A casual evening wedding, for example, is best attended in minimalist jewelry to keep the focus on the bride but if you’re going on a date with your significant other, you can show off your collection without a bother.

What Kind of Necklace Do You Wear With a Black Lace Dress?

Jewelry to Wear with a Black Lace Dress

When it comes to choosing necklaces for your black dress, you have to consider how the dress’ neckline is shaped. No matter how sweet you think a piece of jewelry is, if it does not match the neckline of the dress you are putting on, you may end up looking bland.

If your black lace dress has the big V- neckline, it is best to choose big pendants for your necklace. Choose a small pendant necklace if the V on the neckline is small and not deeply shaped. This you can match with some simple earrings and pull off easily a stunning look.

For sweetness neckline on the lacy dress you are wearing, a drop pendant goes just well. If you are wearing an off-shoulder type of black lace dress, a choker will show off your neck especially when you combine it with drop earrings. A statement piece will also compliment your black lace dress perfectly.

For both high neckline and one-shoulder dress, you should ditch the idea of a necklace and focus on other pieces of jewelry especially your earrings and bracelet for which dropping earrings will do just great. And finally, if you chose a scoop neck, then you should also choose a choker that has accompanying earrings or forget the necklace completely and just use your drop earrings.

What Jewelry Goes With Black and Gold Dress?

If your black lace dress has a touch of gold on it, you will need to consider a few more things rather than just the size of the jewelry you are wearing.

Your skin color comes into the picture here. While gold matches any skin tone, because your dress has been combined with black, choosing non-matching jewelry can put a dent on your whole look.

So, if you have dark skin, go with jewelry that has white details on it, like this one. If you have light skin, then go with darkly detailed jewelry. This will make it all blend perfectly and you’d look effortlessly beautiful.

How to Accessorize a Black Lace Dress with Jewelry

1) Don’t Go All Black

ou will want to add a touch of color to your dressing. Try using jewelry that has neon colors. Silver and white are also great to use with black. Shake things up and look your best.

2) Go with Nude Color

It is a wonder how perfectly the nude color blends with black. Nude accessories will go so well with black and bring out the beauty of your black lace dress to the world. Tell you what, for a black lace dress, nude makeups sweeten your look and with the right jewelry, you are just ready to rock.

3) Use Jewelry with Meaning

To further customize your look in black, monogram jewelry will finish up your dressing with a touch of “I’m special”. Everyone will see that you are unapologetically in love with yourself and will love you for that.

4) Just Dress Your Best

Be very comfortable in whatever jewelry you have chosen. Either you will be using a wrap bracelet, or brooch and/or a wristwatch that adds some steel to your look or earrings that call attention to your face, ensure one thing; that you are comfortable.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

If you will be wearing black, by all means, wear it elegantly.

It is not hard at all to determine what jewelries are best for black dresses but at the same time, it is easy to go wrong if one does not play by the rules.

Look absolutely fantastic in your black laced dress by choosing the very right jewelry, enjoy the occasion you got the dress for and thank us later. Cheers.

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