How to Make a Complete Jewelry Gift Box from Cardboard: Step by Step Guide

Complete Jewelry Gift Box from Cardboard

If you have seen too many vague guides that you do not understand making jewelry gift boxes from cardboard, this is where your question will be fully answered to your satisfaction.

We have written a full article on creative and unique jewelry packaging ideas where you will get the complete ideas about the handmade jewelry packaging. But in this article, we are zooming in on the nitty-gritty of actually crafting a cardboard jewelry box at home. You will be learning about how to build a gift box from scratch using cardboard paper and other materials that are readily available.

How To Use Cardboard to Craft a Jewelry Box

To get this done, you will need the following supplies. You can find most of them at home or buy them at the store.

Cardboard paper: Depending on what you want your jewelry box to look like, you can choose from different kinds of cardboard at the paper shop or you can also buy readymade Jewelry gift boxes from here for Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays, etc.

Note: The harder the paper you choose, the less easy it gets to cut into.

Scissors: Choose very sharp ones. Blunt scissors make your work rough.

X-Acto Knife: You can purchase one here. This knife makes paper craft easy and it comes with replaceable blades.

Glue: Don’t go for watery glue.

Colored Pen: Choose pens that have blot resistant ink so you will have neat work.

Ruler, tape rule, pencil, patterned wallpaper and embellishments like a rubber stamp, ribbons, etc. will also be needed.

Once you have all of these, it’s time to get to work.

1. Get Your Cardboard

The choice of what cardboard to use all depends on how thick you want the jewelry box to be. Corrugated cardboard paper is best to make durable jewelry boxes. The size of the cardboard also depends on how big you want the final product to be.

2. Decorate Your Cardboard

Before you begin to cut and glue, it is advisable that you first decorate the cardboard. This is ideal, it is not a rule of thumb. You can make use of colored pens to draw patterns on your cardboard, or simply paste on it a wallpaper that you love. You can also cut out a mix of papers with different colors and paste on the cardboard. The more, the merrier.

3. Get to Cutting

This is the point where you craft your jewelry box. Having decorated the paper, follow these steps to make the box.

Step 1: Lay your cardboard on a clean, flat surface and using a ruler and a pencil, divide the cardboard along with its breadth into four equal places.

Here, you will have to measure the entire length of your chosen cardboard and then divide it into four equal places which you will indicate with a pencil and a straight line.

Step 2: Fold up the cardboard according to the lines that you have drawn. Press down with your hand to form the creases along the straight lines of folding.

Step 3: Open up the folded cardboard and inspect that the lines are well-formed.

Step 4: Measure five equal spaces across the breadth of the cardboard just as you did for the length using a ruler and a pencil. Note that this time, you are dividing the breadth into five equal spaces, unlike the length which was divided into four.

Step 5: Fold in the cardboard following the newly drawn lines along with the breadth.

Step 6: Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut gently into the lines formed at the top of the cardboard and stop immediately you get to each of the first nodes. You are creating the flaps. Do the same for the bottom lines.

By now, you will see that you have made flaps for the box and all that remains is gluing and tucking.

Step 7: Tuck the top flaps and fold inside one another to form a box. Do the same for the lower flaps, gently pulling them into one another to form a well-closed box.

Step 8: Fix the flaps with an adequate amount of glue and allow to dry. Afterward, check that the flaps are well glued and that there are no holes underneath.

Step 9: Cover the inside of the box with a generous amount of tissue paper, preferably colored tissue. You can also add a drop of perfume water in the tissue to add some wonderful fragrance.

4. Finish Your Homemade Jewelry Box

Finish up your box with lovely embellishments such as ribbons, colored buttons, and bows. For an extra touch, you can use a rubber stamp to make an imprint.

Place your earrings or bracelets or necklaces or any other type of jewelry inside the box and that’s it.

There, all done.

How to Make Unique Fabric Cardboard Jewelry Box

Take this DIY jewelry paper box project one step higher by making a fabric box to use as a jewelry gift box. If you will be presenting the gift to a close friend, you can choose a piece of fabric that stirs wonderful memories you both have had together.

In choosing fabric also, consider the interests and profession of the gift recipient. If the person is a chef, a piece of checked fabric will be wonderful, you get the hang.

To make a fabric cardboard gift box, here’s what to do:

– After you have designed your cardboard box following the steps above, select the fabric you’d like to use. Feel free to mix fabrics.

– Cut the fabric into the desired length by measuring the sides of the box you want to cover with tape rule.

– Run glue across the surface of the box and gently place the fabric you have cut over it. This is similar to laying cardboard with patterned wallpaper. Rub your hands over the fabric to smoothen it out and avoid distasteful creases.

– Ensure there are no errant loose threads and trim off every excess, carefully gluing the edges onto the box to achieve perfection. Voila!

Note: Unlike cardboard boxes without fabric, fabric paper boxes should not be laid with fabric before the cutting and shaping of the box itself begins. Make the box first and then lay with fabric.

Make Your Jewelry Box from Cardboard For Unique Touch

You don’t always have to spend extra bucks getting expensive jewelry boxes or gift boxes. Our simple steps have been well written to guide you through. Have fun making your jewelry box from cardboard at home and let us know how it goes by leaving us a comment below.

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