How Long to Wait to Change Earrings after Piercing: When Can I Change My Earrings?

How Long to Wait to Change Earrings after Piercing

The best way to get your ear piercing done is to use methods that help you avoid complications during and after the procedure. If you have been admiring earrings on the ears of your friends and other people and have decided to get a piercing so you can rock some elegant stones and metals on your ear too, you have come to the best available guide on changing earrings after piercing.

How long should you wait to change earrings after piercing? Ideally, you should wait a minimum of six weeks before you change your earrings after you have had your ears pierced. Depending on a number of factors which we will further discuss, your ear piercing can heal up very fast or may take a bit of time to be ready for an earring change.

Based on those factors, it is advisable to wait for six weeks, which is a reasonable amount of minimum time to let your ear piercing heal up completely.

Healing Time for Ear Piercing and Factors to Consider

Knowing how long to wait before changing earrings after piercing depends on these following factors:-

  1. The location of the Piercing
  2. Your Body
  3. The Piercing Procedure
  4. Aftercare Practices for the Ear Piercing

Let’s take a look at how these outlined factors affect the healing time of your ear piercing to help you determine when to change your earrings.

1. The Location of the Piercing

Body parts are different and a wound in one area may take longer to heal than that in another area. Although your ear is seemingly small, there are different parts to it.

If you had your piercing on your earlobes which is the relatively shorter and boneless part, you will have your healing done quicker than for piercing done on the cartilage part of your ear. So keep that in mind.

2. Your Body’s Reactions

How your body naturally responds to wounds is also another factor to consider. Depending on healthiness and sometimes even the quality of your diet, your body may be really great at getting wounds to heal up. If that is so, the healing time of your ear piercing will be really fast.

3. The Piercing Procedure

It is the most valuable ear-piercing advice that you should look for a professional piercer to do the job for you. Granted, it may be more expensive, but you are assured of a safe procedure.

Note that piercings that are done with piercing guns take longer to heal than those which were done using sterile needles.

The sterility of the equipment used to make your piercing is very crucial to avoid spreading from the last customer to you. A professional piercer will also give you aftercare instructions and let you know what to do after piercing your ears.

4. Aftercare Practices for the Ear Piercing

This is the greatest factor that affects how quickly your piercing will heal. You must care for the piercing by keeping it free of dust and by not fiddling with it using your hands. Make sure that you wear your clothes carefully to avoid getting the earrings tangled in between threads and causing you pain in the ear.

You must also endeavor to clean your ears using a clean soft cloth soaked in normal saline. This you should do twice every day until it heals. Make sure you don’t remove your earrings until it is completely healed.

When Can I Change My Earlobe Piercing Earrings?

Ideally, six weeks minimum is fine to change your earrings for earlobe piercing.

By the fourth to the fifth week of getting the piercing done, your ear will be almost healed but before you rush to remove the earrings, make sure that six weeks minimum time is completed.

Can I Change My Earrings After Five Weeks?

Changing your earrings after five weeks is not an advisable thing to do even if your piercing is almost healed.

Within five weeks of ear piercing, you will be just about ready to change the earrings but it is not recommended. Cartilage piercing should even take longer than that before you change the earrings.

What Happens if You Change Your Earrings Before Six Weeks?

With the six weeks ideal time frame for letting ear piercings heal, if you change your earrings before then, you may be putting yourself at a lot of risks including:

Risk of an Infection: You may get an infection in the ear where a bacteria enters the unhealed wound and causes a lot of unprecedented problems that may cause you pain. You can also have inflamed skin in the area with foul-smelling fluid dripping out, redness, swelling, and unsightly ear part.

Holes Closing up: You also may get your newly pierced holes closed up as a result of removing the earrings too early. If this happens, you will find yourself having to repeat the whole procedure of piercing your ears over again which may be really unsavory.

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to knowing when to change earrings for your ear piercing, so endeavor to wait till a minimum time of six weeks from the piercing date.

Final Tips on Successful Changing of Earrings after Piercing

Here are a few bonus tips for you on successful changing of earrings after piercing:

Sanitize your earrings immediately after changing them: This is to avoid getting yourself infected the next time you put on the same earrings. While your ear was healing, you may have had dead skin stick with your earrings and before you can safely wear them again, you should sanitize them using an antiseptic liquid along with soap and water.

Choose hypoallergenic studs for earrings used immediately after piercing: Hypoallergenic earrings do not contain any material that will negatively affection your ear piercing or give you allergies. They are the best to use, especially those earrings made with surgical grade titanium earrings. Also, avoid heavy earrings shortly after you change your piercing. They will not do much good to the newly healed wound.

Get more specific aftercare instructions from the piercer: The piercer will be able to give you any special instructions on how you must care for your piercing while it heals as well as tell you how long you should wait before changing the earrings.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Good thing you’re looking to enhance your beauty with earrings.

While you are doing the piercing, however, remember that your health is of utmost importance, so make sure that you take very strict care, from the choice of a good and professional piercer to the procedures you let them use and finally the aftercare that happens till the day you change your earrings.

Make sure that you keep it all in order, don’t change your earrings until it is right to do so and everything will be just fine.

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