Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in their Left Ear?

Guys Wear Earrings in their Left Ear

The debate of whether guys should wear earrings in their right or left ears has been ongoing since forever. It seems everyone has an opinion on it. Some even think guys should not wear earrings at all.

Why do guys wear earrings in their left ear? It’s mostly because of fashion and desire to keep up with the trends. That said, some guys do wear earrings in their left ears to pass a message across, usually one about their sexuality. But not always, there are many other reasons why they do it.

The Controversy Around Wearing Earrings for Guys

There’s a never-ending argument going on about the issue. It seems the males are caught in-between.

Have you heard the gay euphemism that says, “Left is right and right is wrong”? This phrase became popularly used when homosexual men first came public in the ’70s.

They said this to mean that the left ear is for people with the normal kind of sexual orientation while the right ear was for those with the ‘wrong’ kind, hence the phrase, ‘left is right and right is wrong’.

Some people even said that wearing earrings in the left ear showed that the guys were homosexual and wearing in the right ear symbolized reverse heterosexuality.

All of these notions might have endured for a while, but as it is, these days, it doesn’t matter what ear you wear your earring in as a guy. Gay or not, guys wear their earrings on either ear, and some wear it on both ears.

There are many reasons why they can decide to go for any of the options.

Reasons why Guys Wear Earrings in their Left Ear

1. A Symbol of Status

Just as wearing earrings on both ears can be a matter of class, wearing it on the left ear can be used to communicate that a guy is of very high status.

People address such men accordingly, giving them respect. Some wealthy men also enjoy showing off their riches by using earrings. They can use studs of diamond or any precious stone.

2. Fashion Statement

As a fashion statement, guys sometimes use earrings. Wearing an earring in the left ear is a trendy thing these days.

The way earrings look good on women, they also look good on men. Fashion purposes and identification with the trends can be a reason why a guy would wear earrings in his left ear.

3. A Coded Message on Sexuality

Sometimes, the speculations are not out of place. Guys may use earrings to subtly send a message about their sexuality to people.

Often avoiding the talk because of stigmatization in society, it was a convenient way of telling people what they stand for. Many fads prefer to use the right ear in their announcement, but you never can tell.

4. Custom or Tradition

Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of tradition. Guys who are from countries where wearing earrings is customary will most likely continue to wear it for all their lives, even if they leave their home countries.

Being in connection with their roots is something that many people take seriously.

5. Peer Pressure

Succumbing to peer pressure is another reason why some guys wear earrings in their right ear.

If the in-thing among their friends is to use earrings, resistance may be difficult. Eventually, they will give in. This may not necessarily be a bad thing. If they are with peers who just see earrings as cool, they can join in.

6. Acupuncture and Health Benefits

Shocking as it may sound, people have believed for a long time that making piercing in the earlobes helps to improve vision. This has in fact been supported by many doctors, although it has not been medically proven.

Sailors have often pierced their ears and put earrings in the piercing to make their sight fit for their numerous voyages ahead. It’s why you can say, “My sight is as fit as a sailor’s”.

7. To Signify Belonging to a Sect

If a guy wants to identify with a sect or even desires to look like a particular person, he may begin to wear earrings.

Many times, people want to look like their favorite movie stars or rappers that use earrings, and so they dress like them. There’s nothing wrong with admiring a person enough to want to look like them.

8. Free thinking or Rebellion

This reason is why many people feel guys should not wear earrings. They feel that it’s just a show of rebellion.

Well, truly, a guy may wear earrings on his left ear to celebrate his freedom and announce his disregard for laws that have hitherto confined him. This may be annoying for society, but everyone has a right to make their choices, don’t they?

Do Decent Guys Wear Earrings in their Left Ears?

The decency of wearing earrings in the right or left ear is not black and white.

Some people think it’s decent, while some think it’s not. What we have to say is that, as a guy, before you decide to wear or not wear earrings, consider a few things:

  • Your Profession: You should dutifully check with your employer if it’s okay that you wear earrings. Sometimes, guys who wear earrings are looked upon unfavorably by some employers. If you’re attending an interview, you should check this too.
  • Your Partner’s Opinion: Your significant other is another person to check with if it’s okay to wear earrings. If they object, you will either have to reconsider or try to convince them to like it.
  • Your Society: The notion is not to care what people think, but sometimes, it’s useful to consider the kind of environment you’re in before you take such decisions. Ensure that it’s something not too difficult to accept in society.
  • Your Self-image: Most important of all is your self-image. Make sure you’re fine with it and wearing the earring doesn’t make you feel overly self-conscious.

In order not to come off with the wrong message to people around you, consider these reasons when making your choices.

It’s not right to judge a person’s decency by whether they use earrings or not. People have different reasons for doing it, and we should respect that.

What Side do Straight Boys Wear Earrings?

In the ’80s and ’90s, guys preferred to wear their earrings in the left ear. However, it has become a matter of choice.

Straight boys wear their earrings in their left or right ears. Same with gay guys. So there’s no permanent side anymore for straight guys to wear their earrings.

What does it Mean for a Guy to Wear Earrings in His Left ear?

It can mean absolutely nothing. It may just be that the guy is wearing it for the sake of fashion, and to keep up with the times.

Also, it can mean many things. It can mean that he is a fad, or not. There are many reasons why guys wear their earrings, so it’s not possible to attach just one reason to it.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

The issue of why guys wear earrings on one or both sides is still ongoing, but these are the reasons we have found out as to why guys wear earrings in their left ears.

There’s no use assuming a reason because there can be different reasons. Finding out from them works better than assuming.

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