Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears?

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

What’s the purpose of earrings anyway? The easiest answer that comes to mind is beautification. Although originally worn by females, these days, guys have taken a liking to earrings for different purposes.

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in both ears? Wearing earrings in both ears as a guy is mainly for beautification. Yes, there are some guys that use it to announce something big, like their sexual orientation, but mostly, it’s just a matter of fashion.

What does it Mean for a Guy to Use Earrings on Both Ears?

While there have been a lot of speculations around guys wearing earrings in both ears to announce that they’re gay, the truth is that it’s not always like that. It happens, yes, but many times, earrings on both ears can go beyond an announcement to one’s cultural roots.

Mostly, these days, it’s indeed a matter of choice. In some places, earrings on both ears mean you are identifying with fads. Some people even believe that it means a guy is bisexual.

This is because most fads who wear earrings put it on their right ear. People have assumed many things when it comes down to guys and earrings, but we want you to know the truth.

Wearing earrings on both ears as a guy can mean nothing but then again, it can mean everything. There are several reasons why guys wear earrings in both ears. Let’s look at them.

8 Reasons Why Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

1. To Announce their Sexual Orientation

True to speculations, guys sometimes wear earrings to announce their sexual orientation. When gays first began to make open their beliefs, a popular symbol they used was earrings.

This way, they could drop the news for their family members, friends, and others in society without going through an uncomfortable discussion every time.

It used to be the main reason why guys wore earrings, but as we said, times have changed and more males are wearing earrings for other purposes. It’ll be a mistake to assume that every guy with earrings is a fad.

These days, gay people have become more absorbed in society, and so, they don’t necessarily have to use earrings to make the announcement.

2. For Fashion Purposes

It’s no doubt that earrings make people look more beautiful. Earrings and jewelry in general, enhance looks and complement our clothes.

Guys are not left out of this. Rocking a stud or other more elaborate forms of earrings looks trendy, including hoops and danglers. Guys who feel up to it are able to add some edge to their outlook by using earrings.

Although many prefer to wear a single earring on only one ear, some decide to go with both ears. It can be unbelievably fashionable for a male to use earrings on both ears.

3. As a matter of choice

The choice is a strong reason for wearing earrings on both ears as a guy. This means that a guy may be wearing his earrings simply because he wants to.

Everyone has a right to make their choices. For reasons best known to them, people do many different things. So, consider this before you jump to a conclusion on why a guy is using earrings on both ears. If you really want to find out why a great move will be to ask!

4. To Show off their Wealth

Being wealthy and wanting to show it off is another reason to consider it. In some places, wearing earrings on one ear or both ears as a guy announces that you belong to a particularly high class in the society. Usually, it’s a very wealthy one.

People give you this respect when you go out or visit public places. Men who want to show off their wealth this way can use diamond studs, gold, or other expensive metal. They even complement it with rings and chains.

5. For Cultural Reasons

In countries like India, pieces of jewelry are not just for women. Men are given expensive jewelry as gifts too.

In fact, in India, a boy who has come of age will be expected to wear earrings and a big party will be thrown to celebrate his growth. There are other places where wearing earrings as a male is seen as respectable and laudable behavior.

There is nothing wrong with identifying with one’s roots. As long as a guy is comfortable with doing it, he can wear his earrings without a care in the world. Yes, even if he’s not gay.

6. To Win Over Female

Ah, this one! Guys believe that females are attracted to them when they wear earrings. And they’re right. More often than not, females find these kinds of guys cool, fun, bold, and daring. The females thus like to hang out with them.

If a guy wants to win over a girl he likes, he can find out what she’s attracted to. Even if it means he has to wear earrings on both ears, he’ll do it to win her over. Some guys also wear earrings on both ears to please their girlfriends. It all depends on what everyone wants.

7. Peer Pressure

Sometimes, wearing earrings on both ears is just an issue of peer pressure. In the bid to identify with a group or a sect, a binding symbol may be the use of earrings.

This is not a common reason for guys to wear earrings but it happens sometimes. If everyone in their brotherhood or group is doing it, they may as well consider it too.

8. To Pull off a ‘look’ or role

Pulling off a ‘look’ is one more reason. In movies, actors are sometimes required to use earrings in order to fit perfectly into a role.

At other times, some guys in the real world just think that wearing earrings will give them a particular look. And they’re right. If you run a bar, for example, and want to look trendy, stylish, and rich, you can use earrings to pull it off successfully. See? There are so many reasons.

Judging someone because they’re wearing earrings on both ears is not good behavior, especially if you don’t know why they’re wearing them. There are so many reasons why guys can decide to wear earrings, and it’s really up to them to decide.

Do Straight Guys Wear Earrings on Both Ears?

Wearing earrings does not necessarily connote that you’re gay or straight. It’s a personal thing. For all the abundance of reasons why a guy can decide to wear earrings on both ears, you can’t really tell whether he’s straight or gay. A straight guy can decide to wear earrings or not, and so can a gay guy.

Is Wearing Earrings on Both Ears Decent for Guys?

There are mixed perceptions there. Some people believe there’s nothing wrong with it while some don’t believe it’s decent. Depending on background and beliefs, people think differently about this.

Wear What You Want!

When it comes down to making the choice, it doesn’t matter what people think or assume. Guys can wear earrings on both ears if they want. Since jewelry is not made for females alone, then males should wear them too.

The question of whether they wear it on one or both ears is up to them to answer. Different strokes for different folks.

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