Is Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Anything?

Is Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Anything

If you’re looking to buy gold plated jewelry and you’re wondering if it has any worth, you’re about to find out. It’s best to know these things to avoid being cheated or shortchanged.

Is gold plated jewelry worth anything? Yes, it is. Gold plated jewelry is not worthless. Although it isn’t worth as much as pure gold is, it can’t be regarded as valueless. In fact, gold plated jewelry has its usefulness.

What does Gold Plating Mean for Jewelry?

Gold plating in jewelry simply means that a piece of metal is covered in a layer of gold. The layer may be very thin, but it’s sometimes thick.

The idea behind gold plated jewelry is to imitate jewelry of pure gold. Gold plated jewelry is not gold itself but has gold in its composition. Metals like zinc, copper, and nickel are used as the base for making this kind of jewelry.

Sometimes, the gold layer of the jewelry can be easily peeled off to expose the base metal. The gold plating can be accurately referred to as coloring. The color of gold stays on to make it look like you’re wearing real gold.

Don’t forget that the base metal also has its worth. So despite the fact that this is not gold plated jewelry, it’s still worth some amount of money. The plating used on it is real gold.

Gold Plated Jewelry vs Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold-filled pieces of jewelry are the ones labeled 10K, 15K, and 24K gold. They are metals that are alloyed with real gold to form a beautiful and enduring piece of jewelry.

Gold-filled jewelry, as such, is not the same as gold plated. Gold-filled is more expensive because it has a higher content of pure gold.

Gold-filled jewelry is also more resistant to tarnish and corrosion. While gold plated jewelry will not last you more than a year or two gold filled jewelry will stay in shape for ten to thirty years and even more.

This explains the difference in their prices and value. Both types of jewelry have their uses, it all depends on what you want and what you can afford at the time.

The Durability of Gold Plated Jewelry

Contrary to the opinions of some people, gold plated jewelry does last very long. In fact, it has been found that it’s better than electroplating or gold coating.

These kinds of jewelry are resistant to tarnish, although not as well as gold filled jewelry. It is resistant to sweat and so highly suited for daily use.

The ruggedness of the gold plated jewelry is laudable, seeing that it’s not pure gold that forms its base. It doesn’t do well with chemicals, but it’s generally durable.

Affordability of Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold plated jewelry is highly affordable. This is perhaps the one quality that makes it such a popular kind of jewelry. It does not cost as much as gold filled jewelry costs but it looks just the same.

While gold filled jewelry costs hundreds of dollars, gold plated costs between only $5 and $50, depending on your merchant.

Gold Plated Jewelry- Hypoallergenic?

The culprit of allergic reactions in jewelry is nickel. Sometimes, zinc and aluminum also cause reactions to people’s skin. If the jewelry contains nickel, it may cause reactions.

Although gold plated jewelry is generally hypoallergenic, people that react to metals are not advised to use it. When the thin gold layer begins to flake off, the allergies may get worse. But if you don’t react to metals, there’s nothing to worry about.

Uses of Gold Plated Jewelry

What is gold plated jewelry useful for? Well, for starters, it’s very convenient to purchase.

If you want to pull off an expensive look without spending several dollars on gold, these are your best bet. You’ll look classic and exceptional and no one will know that you didn’t spend so much. Call it a short cut, you’d be right.

Gold plated metal is also a good substitute if you don’t want to wear your gold filled jewelry every day. Because of its ruggedness, you can wear a piece of jewelry every day without getting it tarnished for a long time.

Can Gold Plated Jewelry be Rejuvenated?

Absolutely. This is another thing about this jewelry that we love. You can renew the lifespan of your jewelry by going to recoat it at the jewelers. After using it for a while, you can just make it as good as new.

Is Gold Plated Jewelry Inferior or Fake?

There’s nothing fake about gold plated jewelry. The plating is real gold, just that it’s rather thin. Gold plated jewelry is another type of jewelry, not a fake one.

As for being inferior, if you want to compare it to gold filled jewelry, they are not worth the same. But that’s understandable. It doesn’t mean that it’s fake.

While real gold is labeled 10K to 24K, gold plated jewelry is labeled 0.5 microns for light gold plating and 2.5 microns for heavy gold plating.

Remember, how you wear your jewelry is the most important thing. You should put it on confidently. Either you opt for gold plated jewelry or gold filled jewelry, you should rock them stylishly. These gold plated jewelry are versatile and suited for different dresses.

Is Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Anything?

Although it’s cheaper than pure gold, gold plated jewelry is worth something. The base metal is worth something, and so is the thin layer of gold that covers it.

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Cons of Gold Plated Jewelry

To balance it all up, let’s look at the one or two drawbacks associated with gold plated jewelry. When you know them, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions.

A major con of gold plated jewelry is that it scratches easily. Once the scratching begins, it doesn’t stop till all the gold plating flakes off and the base metal becomes visible.

Another con is that it tarnishes over time. If you take good care of your gold plated jewelry, you can have it ensure for more than a year to two years.

More Quick Facts about Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold plated jewelry is budget-friendly. It’s a more affordable option for gold filled jewelry.

Many people cannot tell the difference between gold filled and gold plated jewelry except when gold plated jewelry starts to flake off. They look essentially the same!

You can extend the life of your gold plated jewelry by keeping it free of dust and well stored.

Gold plated jewelry can be affected by oils, cosmetics, and chemicals.

How Can I Make My Gold Plated Jewelry Last Longer?

There are ways to make your gold plated jewelry last very long. First, when you buy it, you should lay it with clear nail varnish to delay the tarnishing. You can talk to your jeweler about this to be sure.

Then, when it’s in use, keep it away from sweat, chlorine, and other chemicals. Before you store it away, wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any dirt. Keep it stored in a clean, dry place.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

For what it’s worth, if gold plated jewelry is what you want, go for it. They are made in different styles and shapes. You will have a lot of fun picking them out.

Ensure that you follow the methods of preserving its life span. That way, you will enjoy using it to the fullest.

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