Does 925 Sterling Silver Turn Your Finger Green?

925 sterling silver turn your finger green

925 Sterling Silver is one of the most common jewelry materials and for good reason too. The material is very beautiful and durable, and it does not cost an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, though, discolored fingers are, sometimes, a part of wearing jewelry.

So, does 925 sterling silver turn your finger green? Yes, it does. Not as a function, but as a consequence of the metal’s reaction with moisture. It’s not like 925 silver sets out to discolor your finger and turn it green. There is a reason green why fingers happen, especially to ring wearers. And we’re here to explain how and what you can do to prevent the process.

What is 925 Sterling Silver?

925 Sterling Silver is a type of jewelry material that is made from pure silver that has been alloyed with copper. Silver is generally in a liquid form and using it that way to make jewelry isn’t possible.

So, it is usual practice to alloy silver with some other metal so it can be used to make jewelry pieces. The alloy metal of choice for 925 sterling silver is copper, and that is where the problem of discoloration comes from. Copper reacts with human skin in different ways, and another factor that affects it is the type of body products you use.

How to Stop your Fingers from Turning Green

Just because your sterling silver jewelry contains copper doesn’t mean your skin is bound to turn green. There is always a way to make things work for you, and this also applies to stop your fingers from turning green, or any other color for that matter.

The first thing to do is to keep your skin dry. This is because moisture reacts with the copper in your 925 silver rings and causes discoloration, or green fingers.

It is especially important to ensure that your rings are off your fingers when you want to swim, as the chlorine in the water will react with the copper and your skin, causing green fingers, which might be permanent because of the level of reaction.

It is also key to remember to allow your body to absorb your lotion and other body products before you wear your rings because if the rings trap moisture from them, it will react with your skin and cause green fingers.

Another way to stop your fingers from turning green is to avoid low-quality jewelry. There’s a saying that goes, cheap things are the most expensive. And this is also true with cheap jewelry.

Yes, it might be very cheap, but apart from making you look tacky and cheap, in the case of 925 silver, it could also make your fingers turn green quickly and decisively. Make sure you take the time to ask about the quality of the materials used to make the rings you’re about to buy.

One other thing you can do to prevent your skin from turning green is to coat the inside of your rings with nail polish or with a polymer barrier. The aim of this is to seal the metal and ensure it can’t come in contact with moisture.

This significantly improves the chances that your finger won’t turn green when you use your rings.

Just apply the nail polish or the polymer barrier to the inside of your rings and any other place on the rings that come in contact with your skin, and let the ring dry up before you wear it.

In the case of a polymer barrier, a one-time application can protect you and your ring for about 6 to 8 weeks, whilst nail polish can last for a week or two, depending on use.

What to do when your fingers turn green

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your skin will still turn green. That’s why you need to know what to do if or when that happens.

We have two recommendations for this. One is for you to use rubbing alcohol, the other is to use a nail polish remover.

1. Rubbing Alcohol: If you’ve got green fingers, using rubbing alcohol will help you get rid of it, provided the spots are not too tough already and are fairly recent.

All you have to do is to soak a ball of cotton in rubbing alcohol and gently scrub the spots. Ensure you scrub as many crevices as possible to get the best result as possible.

When you’re done, wash your hands thoroughly.

2. Nail Polish Remover: This method is basically for tougher, longer stains. The method of application is similar to that of rubbing alcohol, only that if you have skin irritation, it’s best to stick with rubbing alcohol.

Using nail polish remover is harsher on the skin, so we do not advise you to use it often. If possible, stick to doing this only twice or thrice in a month.

Storing your 925 Sterling Silver Properly

Storing your Sterling silver jewelry properly is another crucial step towards preventing green fingers when you do wear them. Store your rings individually in pouches or cases in a cool, dry place.

Also, when polishing your 925 silver rings, do so with forwarding and backward strokes to reduce the spread of dirt. Always take off your rings when you want to go swimming, and as a general rule, make sure your rings are dry.

On a Final Note…

Having green fingers doesn’t have to be a common occurrence for you as a ring-wearer if you prepare for it and maintain your rings properly.

For times when you can’t avoid the green fingers because of the copper content of 925 silver, just use the methods we discussed earlier to get rid of them.

925 Sterling silver is a great choice of jewelry for you to use, as it doesn’t tarnish easily and can easily be polished if it does. All you need to do is to maintain your jewelry properly. Use the methods we’ve advised for proper storage of your rings and you’ll be good to go without any more green fingers.

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