Creative and Unique Jewelry Packaging Ideas with Cheap Jewelry Boxes

DIV Packaging Ideas with Cheap Jewelry Boxes

Everyone loves a well-packaged gift. The good old act of giving a gift has continued to be one special way of expressing love and appreciation. Also, the types of packages we use have evolved over the years to accommodate things that are more creative and of more value. Yes, people judge the gift by its packaging.

Giving jewelry as a gift to both male and female folks is an expensive way to show gratitude or love, and the act continues to hold the receivers spellbound.

So you’re thinking about doing somebody the honor of getting them a piece of jewelry as gift and now you need a creative and unique way of packaging it, you’re welcome to the right place where we will give you a full guide on jewelry packaging ideas, how to make your own DIY necklace package and how to craft jewelry gift boxes for your bracelets.

Even if you’re looking for packaging ideas for jewelries that tend to tangle, you’ll find them here. And if you’re looking to find the perfect jewelry for a bride, you can also check right here.

Where to Buy Jewelry Gift Box

If you will not be doing DIY projects for your jewelry packaging, there are gift boxes available in online stores, check here for very simple and sweet looking gift boxes. You can also get your jewelry boxes at the gift store in your city, there are usually many of them with amazing stock.

But if you’re in the do-it-yourself team for jewelry packaging ideas, read on.

Jewelry Packaging Gift Box

Handmade Jewelry Packaging Ideas

To do this, you will need the following supplies: X-Acto knife, a pair of scissors, glue, pins, paper tape, colored pens, spray polish, colored tissue, cotton wool, ribbon, patterned wallpapers. Or instead, you could just purchase a full design DIY kit at a reasonable price from here. You will also need to be creative and find a few things around your house such as colored buttons and bows.

Packaging Idea 1: Patterned Gift Box

How to Package Jewelry

The most convenient way to make a patterned gift box is to find any of the following: a chocolate box, a shoe box or a perfume box. Any of those can be used.

  • Prepare your box and set it on a dry surface. Choose a surface where you can work.
  • Lay a wrap of colored wallpaper on the box and measure how much wallpaper you’d need to wrap up the entire box.
  • Fix the wallpaper gently around all sides of the box, avoiding creases which will make the packaging look unprofessional.
  • Clean off excess glue from the sides of the taped wallpaper and set the box to dry.

To add a touch of sweetness, attach a bow to the box. Ensure that the wallpaper covers every inch of the box and that there are no excesses peeking away. Also, lay up the box with cotton wool or tissue paper to make a soft platform for the jewelry. Once that is done, you have your box.

This kind of box can be used to package necklaces, earrings, and even bracelets.

Packaging Idea 2: Nature Box

A nature box is a thrilling way to gift a piece of jewelry to someone. To do this, you must have prepared dried flowers which you will use beforehand.

To dry flowers for jewelry nature box, cut out the flowers you want to use from their stem very gently and take away from the sun immediately. After removing excess foliage, hang them in a bouquet upside down from a hanger and let dry naturally for several days. Remove and then use unflavored hairspray to spray them up. There you have it.

How to Make Your Nature Box for Jewelry Packaging

– Find a small box from any of the things that you have once bought in the past and set it down. Ensure it is in good condition.

– Spray the box all over with spray polish and allow it to dry. You can mix colors as you desire. Black color works best for men’s jewelry gift box.

– Place your dried flowers on the lid of the box and tie them gently to the box without breaking them.

– Spread out some white or colored tissue paper in the box to make the platform for the piece of jewelry.

– Add a touch of love by cutting out a heart shape from a piece of cardboard and gluing it to the box.

Your nature box is ready and you can set the jewelry in there, ready to be gifted. Seal up the box after this to make the heart of the recipient beat faster!

Packaging Idea 3: Ziploc Bags

We have talked about boxes. Bags can also be used to package jewelry.

Purchase a Ziploc bag from a supply store (there are different sizes available) and simply use some colored pens to doodle on it. You can simply draw cute little flowers or even circles. Make sure you buy quality pens to avoid smearing.

Ziploc Bags for Package Jewelry

Set the bags to dry and line up with colored tissue to take in the jewelry. Then seal. This method is best for packaging earrings and as a jewelry gift box for bracelets.

Packaging Idea 4: Simple Display Pouch

If you don’t want to use a box or bag, you can simply cut out a portion of the thick carton from an old box according to your jewelry size and wrap it all up with patterned wallpaper. This makes the pouch.

Afterward, make little double holes beside each other on the pouch you have wrapped. Using little aluminum strings, make rope holdings in the holes and use to fasten your jewelry to the pouch on all sides.

You should make the rope holdings on four points of the pouch, north, south, east and west.

Place this in a simple gift bag and you’re all set.

Your recipient will see the gift straight up and will be able to admire it without removing the jewelry from the pouch.


There are so many cheap jewelry packaging that you can use to add the final touch to your gifting act, from gift bags to gift boxes, fabric bags, and pouches. You can also make a package for yourself to keep your jewelry at home. Whichever it is that you’re doing here, feel free to have fun, add a touch of excellence and keep giving thoughtful gifts with thoughtful packaging ideas.

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