7 Best Places to Buy Body Jewelry Online

Buy Body Jewelry Online

The fear of making mistakes when purchasing jewelry online is a global issue. As much as there are legit sellers on the internet, there are also swindlers. That’s why it’s important to know where to buy body jewelry online, and where to avoid shopping.

Your jewelry speaks volumes about you. So it’s understandable that you want the best. Rest assured that there are many authentic places to shop Jewelry online. We have compiled a helpful list of those online stores. When you buy from those we recommend, you’re not likely to have problems at all.

List of Advantages if You Buy Jewelry from these Online Stores

The online stores that we will be reviewing made our list because of some particular qualities that they have portrayed over time. These are:

Excellent Customer Services: The stores that made our list have good customer services. Their staff attend promptly and are very helpful in case you need to exchange a product or get a refund.

An online store without standby and efficient customer service personnel can make one’s life miserable. That’s why we’ve carefully sorted them for you.

Sales of Reliable and Authentic Products: The stores on our list also sell 100% reliable and authentic products. They have been constant over time and delivered only authentic products.

They let you know the composition of what you’re buying so that you’ll be fully aware of what you’re getting.

Fast Shipping: Slow shipping has never been good for business. Our list of best stores will ship your products very fast. In less than two weeks, they usually deliver to your doorstep.

Highly Competitive Prices: Who doesn’t love great prices? These stores will give you the best prices you can find anywhere online. They’ll give you varieties for wonderful prices.

Easy Payments, Discounts, and Incentives: No one looks forward to a long cashing out process. But it’s easy to pay using PayPal, Payoneer, or your credit card at these stores we recommend. They also offer promo deals from time to time.

Good Customer Reviews: Of course, this is very crucial. Our listed stores have great reviews from customers all over the world. It’s always reassuring to hear that previous customers were happy.

User-friendly Websites: Cumbersome websites are a big turn off. But don’t worry. Stick with our list and you will never have to worry about that. Their sites are easy to navigate, and they incorporate a great user experience (UX).

And now, it’s time to reveal our list.

Best Places to Shop for High-Quality Body Jewelry Online

1. Amazon

It’s as you expected. Amazon tops in the list of high-quality body jewelry. They deserve to because they check off all our boxes.

User-friendly website, check. Great customer service, check. Everything, check. This online store that started as a bookstore has grown to be the world’s undeniable giant in online shopping.

Their exhaustive product descriptions also give you deep insight into what your desired jewelry is composed of. Everyone loves Amazon for their competitive prices and incentives, especially when you’re a part of the Amazon Prime family.

The next time you want a piece of body jewelry, check Amazon first.

2. eBay

eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. That’s about twenty-five years in business and enough time to decide if they’re prestigious or not.

As of 2019, eBay was operative in 32 different countries. It was the first online auction site that supported transactions from person to person.

With lots and lots of products to choose from, eBay has an amazing company story and unmatched customer service culture. It’s PayPal eligible, and a top choice among students in college.

3. Etsy

Etsy makes number four on our list because of its excellence and prestige over time. Etsy specializes in selling vintage accessories, special goods, and custom-made products.

If you’re looking for anniversary jewelry that you can customize, try Etsy. They also offer independent sellers services where you can buy a piece of jewelry directly from the maker. That gives you access to highly competitive prices and endless design options.

The store features easy payment and secure shopping experience.

4. One Tribe

One Tribe is excitingly different from the first two that we reviewed. For One Tribe, they focus on selling handcrafted products. If you want something more in touch with the roots, culture, history, and whatnot, One Tribe will help you out there.

They display an excellent array of their products and are always ready to listen to you. Their website even has a museum tab that helps you learn about the history of jewelry. How cool is that?

5. Anato Metal

Love discounts? Then this is it! Anato Metal sells all kinds of body jewelry, ranging from anklets to nose rings, hair jewelry, and so on.

Their easy-to-use cart gives the option to let you use your language and input your currency type. Their customizing option called ‘Design It’ lets you make your perfect piece by yourself!

They also state that they believe in internal threading jewelry, rather than external. This makes their body jewelry the go-to when you need jewelry to help your new body piercing heal up on time.

6. Body Art Forms

Body Art Forms sells all kinds of titanium jewelry, glass jewelry, gem septum clickers, eyelets, plugs, and so on. They include details of their jewelry do you’d know their composition.

You can let them know exactly what you want by filling in their menu. Their site is also easy to use and they offer lots of freebies.

Their return policy is fast and easy, plus they have great customer reviews. Their site’s UX is enthralling. they have a dark mode activation option there that lets you shop in dark mode. How fancy is that!

7. Kolopiercing

The final one on our list, but definitely not the least. Kolopiercing is also an industry giant. They’re based in Atlanta, Georgia, and offer piercing services alongside sales of body jewelry.

Their products are listed by the materials used to make them. They pride themselves in their rare stock of unusual jewelry pieces such as ones made with wood, amber, and even bone.

They have great reviews from customers and run an active Facebook page where they offer one on one Customer services.

Useful Precautions to Buy Body Jewelry Online

Since online shopping does not allow you to touch and feel or even try on the product you’re about to purchase, the situation can get dicey.

Some sellers post the authentic product on their store page. But when you order, they send the fake one over. Grievous, yes, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Take the following precautions when you are looking for a high-quality body jewelry shop online, if you will follow these precautions then only it will be better for you.

1. Shop at only the Prestigious Stores

When we say prestigious, we don’t necessarily mean popular. Some stores are not as popular as you may want but will offer good, top-notch services. Look out for stores that have been positively reviewed by reliable websites.

2. Look for Telltale Signs of Swindlers

There are many signs of unauthentic online stores. They usually have bad customer reviews. If you search well, you can even find articles written to warn people of such sites. Don’t ignore signs like these.

3. Read up About Jewelry Before You Start Shopping

Before you dive into shopping for body jewelry online, it’s advisable that you read up first. Knowing how to identify real jewelry from fake ones will serve you well in your shopping.

You’ll also know what exact questions to ask the customer service before you decide if it’s worth it.

Is it Safe to Buy Body Jewelry Online?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to buy body jewelry online. You must only take precautions as we mentioned above shop at reliable stores where shopping is secure with high-quality online service.

Conclusion & Final Words

The jewelry you wear says a lot about you, and so does where you shop.

If it’s worth buying at all, then it’s worth buying well. Avoid getting in trouble with unreliable sellers and stick with the legitimate shops only. That way, you’ll never be at risk of losing your money over a worthless piece of nothing.

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