Best Type of Earrings for Sensitive Ears – Detailed Review

Best Type of Earrings for Sensitive Ears

While earrings are wonderful and useful in complementing one’s beauty and enhancing facial glow, they sometimes become a source of concern when one has sensitive ears.

The sensitive skin around the ears often deters a person from wearing the kinds of earrings that they want because of fear of developing allergies.

Do not be bothered again for your sensitive skin because we have found you a great list of the best types of earrings for sensitive ears. These earrings are affordable, hypoallergenic and risk-free.

What Kind of Earrings is Hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic earrings are the types of earrings that are made from materials that do not cause any form of allergy to the wearer.

Allergies that arise from wearing earrings and other jewelry are usually as a result of the presence of nickel in the raw materials used to make the earrings.

The reason why nickel causes allergic reactions are not completely known but it has been found that earrings with nickel content, even if it is only a little, cause serious skin reactions when worn.

Hypoallergenic earrings are nickel-free and are made with safe materials that have been found to rarely cause allergies. They include gold, platinum, silver, titanium, glass, plastic and surgical steel earrings. These are reliable, and will not cause any violent skin reaction when they are used to make jewelry.

What Makes an Ear Sensitive to Earrings?

If your skin recognizes nickel or some metals as an allergen, you will react negatively with such metal if it comes in contact with your bare skin.

People that have sensitive ears have their immunity system recognizing nickel as a foreign object and so will react. Nickel causes inflammation in the ear area, redness, itching, and discomfort.

Dry or crusty skin also causes sensitivity, especially around the ear. Make sure that your oil and moisturize your skin to prevent this.

Features of the Best Type of Earrings for Sensitive Ears

When buying earrings for sensitive ears, make sure they have the following features:

1. Nickel Free: The best types of earrings for sensitive ears are nickel free. They include:-

  • Stainless Steel Alloys Without Nickel. The grades 316L, 316 LVM, 316 LSSS are good.
  • Fine silver which is 99.9% pure.
  • Argentium silver.
  • Gold-filled especially 14 or 24 Karat gold.
  • Niobium is the safest and is 99.9% pure.

2. Lightweight: The best types of earrings for sensitive ears are also light and do not put a strain on your ears.

3. Durable: The earrings should be suited for daily wear and must not deteriorate easily.

4. Classic: Of course, we can’t leave this out. While caring about your health, we do not sacrifice beauty and style.

The earrings for sensitive skin that we have reviewed have all of these features and other desirable ones. Let’s see them.

Complete Review of Earrings Safe for Sensitive Ears

Now, we describe a detailed review of the 10 best Earrings which is totally safe for sensitive ears. If you want, you can use any of these earrings but before purchasing it, read this review completely so that you will be able to buy the earring easily.

1. Decadence 14K Yellow Gold Oval Hoop Earrings

Decadence 14K Yellow Gold Oval Hoop Earrings

These earrings are excellent choices for you if you do not want to let go of stylishness because you have sensitive ears.

They are crafted in solid 14k gold, come with an oval hoop, nicely shaped edges, and yellow gold hoops.

The Decadence 14k earrings are lead and nickel free and as such are hypoallergenic. The package is delivered in a signature gift box that includes a certificate of authenticity.

They are easy to put on with their click-top clasp. The setting is in prongs and the delicate nature of the earrings adds an extra touch of beauty and shine.

These earrings are safe for your sensitive ears and at the same time will help you look extraordinary in your casual or professional wear.

  • It comes in various designs and sizes.
  • Some designs are more expensive.

Durability and Maintenance: The high polish gem type improves the durability of the earrings. Maintenance is easy as the jewelry can easily be freed of dirt or dust by using a piece of soft cloth to clean it.

2. Ondaisy 14K Solid Gold 5mm Jewelry Star Ear Studs

Ondaisy 14K Solid Gold 5mm Jewelry Star Ear Studs

This product from Ondaisy is another wonderful choice for women and girls with sensitive skin, especially around their ears. The solid 14K yellow gold jewelry comes with a simulated diamond and is shaped in a constellation style.

They are nickel and lead-free and will not change color or tarnish over time. The pin size is 0.77mm, the flower size is 8mm, and the ball size 3mm.

The earrings are made of 925 sterling silver jewelry, the safest alloy for sensitive ears. They come with three months warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

They have their setting as bar setting and the 14K gold contains 58% pure gold and 41.5% other metals such as silver and copper.

They are highly recommended to you as they will not cause any allergic reactions to your skin, they are easy to wear and will provide you with the maximum safety and peace of mind while complementing your beauty.

  • They are not expensive.
  • They come in various sizes.
  • They are very easy to wear.
  • These earrings come in only one piece, not a pair.

Durability and Maintenance: Highly durable product that you can easily clean using a soft cloth.

3. 74 Ct Amethyst, Peridot & Blue Topaz Earrings

74 Ct Amethyst, Peridot & Blue Topaz Earrings

Combine the good luck and blessings that birthstones bring with maximum comfort by wearing these multi birthstone earrings.

They consist of 74 Ct Amethyst, Peridot and Blue Topaz, simulated stone creation that is untreated and is oval in shape, adding to the beauty of the jewelry and presenting a very unique product that helps you stand out in the crowd.

There are six stones altogether and they weigh 24.00 Carats to 26.00 Carats, available in different shades of clarity for your satisfaction and come in a bezel setting.

The sterling silver studs are completely safe for sensitive skin and the gems are handcrafted, creating a style and look that gets you noticed.

The birthstones confer good wishes and feelings of vibrancy and optimism that help you go about your daily activities with a healthy and tenacious mind.

  • Available in different sizes and shades of clarity.
  • The bezel setting may not be what you want.

Durability and Maintenance: These studs are not water-resistant so they must be removed before baths or before swimming. Avoid letting them come in contact with soap, oils or lotions as these can dull the brilliance of the earrings.

4. ZYZN Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings

ZYZN Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings

You should take a look at these amazing freshwater cultured pearls that will give you no itch, allergies, pain or swelling whatsoever because they are free of nickel.

The studs are round and white with AAAA quality and high light projection that make eyes linger on your ears in admiration.

These natural shellfish pearls are expertly mounted on sterling silver, complementing the safety values placed on the earrings as well as the beauty.

The earrings come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and the pearl studs will pass you very sweetly as serene, beautiful and elegant.

  • The earrings come in different striking colors of pearl.
  • The pearls can deteriorate with sweat.

Durability and Maintenance: Overall, the earrings are highly durable and made with excellent raw materials.

They must be right used to prolong their life span. Avoid contact with chemicals, cosmetics, hair care products, water, and sweat.

5. 14K Solid Yellow Gold Jewelry

14K Solid Yellow Gold Jewelry

This earring comes in open round circle shape and has a clicker Hughie hoop that helps it fit snugly around the soft skin of your ears without bringing on any pain.

It is a single earring that fits tragus and snug piercing perfectly and it is made of 14K real solid gold, and nickel free. It is crafted to be safe for sensitive ears and so you have no fear of getting allergies.

The setting is in full-eternity and they fit beautifully with many different styles and hairdos. You can rock them casually or with corporate wears and still look classic either way.

  • The size makes it wonderful as a minimalist earring.
  • It is easy to wear.
  • It comes in different sizes.
  • This earring comes in a single piece and not a pair.

Durability and Maintenance: The earring is crafted with real gold and will last very long. Clean easily with a soft piece of cloth and store in a jewelry box or bag with soft tissue inside when not in use.

6. Fire Ear Jacket Earrings- 24K Gold Turquoise Earring

Fire Ear Jacket Earrings- 24K Gold Turquoise Earring

The name of these earrings come from how “hot” they actually look. They are shaped in a downward gold triangle that reminds you of something about a flame.

These 24K pure gold earrings are definitely worth your time and money as they have an amazing feature of being a 3-way convertible.

You can choose to wear the round stone by itself thus making it a minimalist earring great for casual occasions and work environments, or you can wear the gold triangle in front of the earrings and give off the “fire” look.

In the same way, you can wear the gold triangle behind your earlobe and bring on your “check me out” look. Whichever style you choose per time, these earrings will definitely boost your image and create a positive buzz around your classic taste of earrings.

These fire ear jacket earrings come with layers of 24K gold plating over brass and are hypoallergenic with no lead in them.

They have a bezel setting and weigh only 0.06 oz, this means they are so light that you will not even feel yourself wearing any earrings!

  • They are 3-way convertible earrings.
  • They’re pricey.

Durability and Maintenance: These earrings are highly durable, more so because they have 10.0 microns of 24K gold covering which is 10 times more than the minimum legal requirement of 1.0 micron.

These earrings are definitely an excellent bargain suited for frequent use and easy to maintain with simple soft cloth wipes daily.

7. Line Bar Stud Earrings- 14K Solid Yellow Gold

Line Bar Stud Earrings

These earrings are extremely versatile and bestow you with a unique look. They are thin stud earrings, line bar-style with push backs.  Crafted in 14K solid gold, they are reliable and nickel-free, great for daily wear.

The bar measures 2mm and the earring length is 12mm. Their push back posts are quick and easy to put on even while you’re on the move or in a hurry.

They come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can return within that time if you are not satisfied.

With these great line bar studs, you are guaranteed 100% hypoallergenic earrings alongside granted desire of wearing stylish earrings.

  • They are versatile earrings.
  • They may come pricey but are definitely worth the money.

Durability and Maintenance: These line bar earrings do not have plating so they will not wear off or lose their shine. Cleaning them is also easy. The soft cloth wiping and excellent storage always do the trick.

8. Premium Diamond Stud Earrings for Women

Premium Diamond Stud Earrings for Women

These diamond earrings are what you need in order to look expensive and classic. They are certified by the AGS and come with screw backs as well as post studs to improve the ease of wearing them.

This 14K pure white gold with diamond studs in 4 prong setting is a timeless, multiple carats sized earring that will make heads turn when you walk past.

So, if you like “speaking” earrings, these are your best choice for classic and hypoallergenic earrings that you will feel completely safe with.

The product is rigorously inspected before shipping and it arrives with a certificate card by the American Gemologist Society, AGS.

  • There are different colors available.
  • They are extremely durable.
  • They are expensive.

Durability and Maintenance: Diamonds are great choices especially because of their extreme level of durability. These diamond earrings are simply forever.

9. Gold Endless Hoop Earrings

Gold Endless Hoop Earrings

The purchase of these elegant hoops gives you the opportunity to buy more at a lesser price. The small minimalist earrings are perfect accessories for your daily wear and are so comfortable you can sleep in them.

They are made with 14K gold and come in sizes 10mm to 20mm. They are lightweight and versatile and you can stack multiple sizes for extra elegance.

The hoop earrings are great for ears cartilage, tragus piercing, etc., and their hypoallergenic nature makes them safe for your sensitive skin.

  • They are water-resistant.
  • They are very comfortable, so much that you can sleep in them.
  • They are sometimes hard to close so use a mirror while wearing them.

Durability and Maintenance: They are durable and their high polish finish makes them shine even better. They can be cleaned using a soft piece of cloth.

10. Red Coral Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Red Coral Sterling Silver Stud Earring

These sterling silver stud earrings are nickel-free and have a delicate finish that adorns your face with red color and precious beauty.

The coral jewelry is created and comes in a bezel setting with a beautiful teardrop silhouette. Their gentle dangle makes them great for casual weddings, dinners or a hangout at the beach.

They are shipped fast and arrive in drawstring bags that can be used for their subsequent storage.

  • They are shipped really fast.
  • They come in only one design.

Durability and Maintenance: These earrings are delicately finished and are durable with easy to clean design.

Metals to Avoid for Sensitive Ears

If you have sensitive ears, it is advisable to avoid metals such as mixed copper, mixed rhodium, mixed titanium (except grades 1-4).

Generally, avoid metals with nickel composition and earrings that have traces of nickel in them.

Also, for sensitive ears, avoid metals that are too heavy and cause your ear hole to be strained. Choose your metals carefully and ensure they are both nickel-free and lightweight.

How to Wear Earrings without Irritation

Wearing your earrings without irritation is very possible and easy. You can do the following things to avoid the common “nickel itch” that often results in redness.

Avoid Dry Skin Around Your Ears: As earlier mentioned, dry skin can increase the risk of getting irritated when you wear your earrings. It will be helpful to rub in vaseline or lotion to keep your skin from drying out.

Use Nail Polish to Make a Barrier: This method is quite popular among people with sensitive ears. You can use nail polish to create coatings that serve as a barrier between your ear and the material used to make the earrings. If you think you should really wear those earrings, then coat them with nail polish to reduce direct contact.

Don’t Wear the Bad Stuff: This is the most valuable advice you will ever receive on how to wear earrings without irritation. It is as simple as it is. If an earring is not labeled hypoallergenic or you can see from its composition that it has some percentage of nickel, just avoid wearing it. Invest in earrings that will not give you any health concerns and keep your skin safe from allergens of all kinds.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

The fact that you have sensitive ears does not mean you must be excluded from enjoying the bliss of wearing amazing earrings. All you have to do is stick to wearing only what is good for you, and what is good for you is hypoallergenic earrings.

From our extensive list and review of the best earrings for sensitive ears, you can always find one that suits you perfectly. Have a good time wearing your new allergy-free earrings. We wish you sound health all the way.

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